The audio portion of this slide show is a computer generated recording of Choral and Fugue in D Major Op. 18 from Seven Pieces for Organ Op. 18-23 by Steven Monrotus.

Dedicated to the memory of world class organist John Weissrock, this piece is a 4-voice Fugue with 3 countersubjects written in quadruple counterpoint preceded by a related prelude with 2 themes each of which is treated as a 3-part canon at the octave before being combined.  The Fugue's exposition is remarkable for having a redundant (5th) entry in which all 4 moving lines are inverted.

The score is FREE.


The audio clip being computer generated merely provides an idea of what this music might sound like on the real McCoy.

John Weissrock was a sensitive artist, a beautifully kind soul of serene disposition, a powerhouse of technique, a remarkable mentor to many, and a great teacher.  His departure from this life left a hole in the world of organ playing and pegagogy that will never completely heal, and his memory lingers in the hearts of his many students, friends, and admirers.  He never heard this work performed and left this world without even knowing of its existence, but it's certain that he would feel greatly honored and very pleased to know that it was composed with him in mind, in grateful remembrance, by someone whose very earliest sketches were evaluated, and whose further progress was generously encouraged, by him.

  Gone but not forgotten.

This music also has been posted on YouTube at this external link: