The audio portion of this slide show is an mp3 computer-generated recording of Choral and Fugue in D Major for Organ Op. 18 from Six Pieces for Organ Op. 18-23 by Steven Monrotus.

This music was dedicated to the memory of Milwaukee organist John Weissrock.  Composed in 2017, it consists of a Choral with two themes treated in canonic imitation before being combined, which is then followed by a 4-voice Fugue having three countersubjects treated in quadruple counterpoint.  The exposition of the Fugue is remarkable for having a redundant (5th) entry in which all four moving lines are inverted.  The mood of the entire work is suggestive of power, love, purpose, and an angelic peace, serenity, and order.  These characteristics aldo defined the dedicatee to anyone who knew him or worked with him in his ministry.  He was a kind, patient, incredibly gifted, even-tempered, and gentle soul whose masterful performing touched and enriched the lives of an innumerable company of people from all over the Western world.  He is greatly missed. 

While this audio file was not meant to be a pipe organ recording, it at least provides an idea of what this music would sound like on the real McCoy.

Dear Master, rest in peace, enter into the presence of the Lord, and save us a seat.