Dec. 30, 2015

Inspiration, Part II

(con't from Part I)
Think what life would be like if the only thing you ever knew was a life of hard work to supply somebody's needs.
Now think what a life of pure indulgence would be like, without paying any heed to needs at all.
Think of being stuck in a one dimensional world like this.
You're moving but not getting anywhere, like a hamster on a wheel. All you do is exist. You don't grow. You don't benefit from it.
It's like you're on a one way street with no intersections.
Now, think where you'd be ...
If what you really desired was something you needed to hear,
And what you really needed was something you desired to hear.
You're now in a two dimensional world, and you'd know finally, where you're at on the map.
You'd be at this intersection.
From here, to live and move and benefit and grow in three dimensions to feed the most inherently human quality you have, viz., your creativity, all you have to do is sit down and do your work.
The creative Muse from above, where creation has its home, will then, in effect, look down, approve, and supply the missing third dimension by coming and alighting on your shoulder.
This is the moment when inspiration will strike.
(con't in Part III)