Jan. 29, 2016


A spark of interest. This is how it starts.
Then comes the right instruction.
Stir in some love, and that's all it takes.
Then, sit back, and watch what happens.
Something that no one ever knew was inside you is now developing.
And soon, someone else ewill see something in you that you don't see and begin encouraging you.
That's because they can see things in you that you don't see, just like you can see things in them that they don't see.
It's this way because your Maker uses other people, and works through them, to help guide and protect you. He also uses and works through you to guide and protect them.
Recognize this for what it is. It could be a calling.
Everything you're wanting is already close to you, merely awaiting your recognition of it. It's the Law of Recognition.
It will affect your success.