Feb. 16, 2016

Law Of Place

Life is governed by laws.
There is a place where the blessing of God is upon our life.
Where we are matters as much as what we are.
A person doesn't belong everywhere -- they belong somewhere.
Favor is geographical and waiting for us at the place of oour assignment.
A person's assignment is that problem or set of problems that they were uniquely created and put on this Earth to solve for someone else, or for a group of people.
Provision, i.e. financial favor, is the confirmation that a person is in the place of their assignment.
A person may wonder why no one else understands them; it's because no one else quite like them has ever arrived on the face of this Earth before.
A person is uniquely, magnificently, almost strangely, qualified for their assignment, whatever it is.
WHEN a person is WHERE they have been assigned, they have no rivals -- no one can do it better than them, THERE.
It's the Law of Place.