Feb. 16, 2016

Law Of Place

There is a place where the blessing of God is upon your life.
It's one of the laws affecting your success.
Where you are matters as much as what you are.
You don't belong everywhere. You belong somewhere.
Favor is geographical and waiting for you at the place of your assignment, that problem you were uniquely created and put on this Earth to solve for someone, or for a group of people.
Provision is the confirmation that you're in the place of your assignment.
Why doesn't everyone understand you? Simple. No one quite like you has ever arrived on the face of this Earth before. You're uniquely, magnificently, almost strangely, qualified for that assignment of yours, whatever it is.
WHEN you are WHERE you have been assigned, you have no rivals.
No one can do it better than you. There.
It's the Law of Place.