Feb. 16, 2016

Law Of Difference

Everything created solves some problem.
The fact that you're on this Earth is proof that God saw some problem that you and only you can solve.
A person has no value to others until he solves some problem for them.
What makes anything unlike another decides its value. It's your difference, your distinction, your dissimilarity from others that decides your importance to them [ See blog, Your Distinction ].
It's one of the laws affecting your success.
Your wisdom is your ability to discern difference, the difference in people, the difference in countenance, the difference in environment, the difference in a moment, the difference between a good decision and a bad decision, the difference between a real problem and a non-problem.
Why is this world so full of problems? Simple. Problems are gates to recognition. They're invitations to relationships. And they're the seeds for rewards.
When you look at them this way, as God does, problems are glorious things.
It's the Law of Difference.