Feb. 16, 2016

Law Of Difference

Life is governed by laws.
We are taught in God's Word that wisdom is the principle thing, that we should strive for wisdom above all else.
Those who have studied God's Word carefully know that God's Word IS wisdom; our wisdom is proportionate to our God-knowledge.
The first thing we need to realize and understand therefore is that nothing has the same value. Nothing.
A person has no value to someone else until they solve some problem for them.
What makes something unlike anything else decides its value; it's a person's difference, their distinction, their dissimilarity from others that decides their importance to them [See blog, Your Distinction ].
It's the Law of Difference.
Wisdom is the ability to discern difference ... the difference in people, the difference in environment, the difference in a moment, the difference between right and wrong, the difference between a good decision and a bad decision, the difference between what's beneficial and what's hurtful, the difference between what promotes our progress and what holds us back, the difference between someone who weakens us and someone who feeds our gift, the difference between a real problem and a non-problem ...
Problems should not be seen as obstacles; instead we should look at them as gateways to recognition -- they're invitations to relationships -- and they're the seeds for rewards.
A person has no value to others unless they solve some problem for them.
EVERYTHING CREATED solves some problem; our clothes solve a problem, our shoes solve a problem, our glasses solve a problem, our wrist watch solves a problem, the knife, fork, and spoon we eat with solves a problem, a pipe organ solves a problem; the new organist solves a problem; a piece of music solves a problem; this web site solves a problem.
The fact that a person has been put on this Earth is proof that God saw some problem that only that person can solve.
When we look at them this way, problems are actually glorious things.