Feb. 16, 2016

Law Of Honor

Life is governed by laws.
Our future is determined by whom we have chosen to honor.
It's one of the laws affecting our success.
How a person adapts to prevailing conditions reveals their code of honor.
This male Saint Bernard (photo) honors people by helping to find and rescue them when they turn up missing in the mountains.
He's no longer just a dog -- he's adapted to becoming a member of a rescue team.
Adaptation is the proof of honor.
You can create with honor what you cannot create with knowledge and intelligence.
Honor is the seed for access, and it will outlast your lifetime.
Honor protects, corrects, yields, and is willing to listen.
If you succeed with your life, it will be because of a person you chose to honor.
The prisons are full of men and women who were never trained -- on Who to honor.
If we succeed in our life, it will be because of a Person we've chosen to honor -- and if we fail in our life, it will be because of a Person we chose to dishonor.
Dishonor is the seed for tragedy.
All blessings from God come through a chain of authority.
It's the Law of Honor.