Feb. 16, 2016


Everything that God makes contains an invisible instruction on what to become.
A man doesn't determine what he is; he discovers what he is. And the seed that leaves his hand never leaves his life; it goes into his future where it will multiply.
It's one of the laws affecting your success.
What kinds of things can you sow? Anything of value (your kindness, your patience, your knowledge, your talent, your time, your money, your wisdom, your forgiveness, your gentleness, your love, your joy, your peace, etc.) can be a seed.
Even a prayer of faith can serve as a seed. Nothing leaves heaven until something leaves the earth [ See blog, Bus Station ].
If one type of seed hasn't yielded the results you've expected, maybe it's time to change the type of seed you're sowing.
God will never ask you for something you do not have; He'll ask you for something in your hand that you want to keep.
When a man releases something like this from his hand and gives it back to God, God releases something from His hand.
When a man lets go of something he can see, God lets go of something he can't see.
Whatever a man is willing to walk away from determines what God is willing to bring to him.
It's the Law of the Seed.
Everything you create in terms of a theme or idea for a new piece of music also contains an invisible instruction on what to become, just like a seed.
The form or procedure best suited to bring out the best in your theme is locked up within the theme itself and depends upon its nature and shape [See blog, Getting Started With Writing, Part XXVIII].