Mar. 12, 2016

Your Experiments

You've got no idea whatsoever for that first composition of yours.
You don't yet have a clue in your head for a theme.
You don't even know what you want to write.
You're just driven by this desire to feel the power and pleasure of creating a written work of your own.
You're living in this dream.
You're in uncharted territory.
You never tried this before.
You're hounded by doubting friends and well meaning loved ones.
Part of your artistic side is trying to emerge, but they've misconstrued everything.
They think you're behaving strangely.
Some of them don't understand what's happening; they may think you've gone off the deep end and completely lost the crankshaft and lower end mentally.
They're trying their best to protect you from yourself.
You know if they keep at it long enough, they could ruin everything.
So you reassure them and tell them, in effect, to go away and leave you alone.
They persist.
Everything is working overtime to interrupt you.
Everything is trying to pull you away from it.
All being various forms that resistance can take [ See blog, The Book ].
Except for you.
By refusing to fuel your fear, you've deprived resistance of its juice.
And you've conquered it.
You're ready.
Just begin working.
You don't have to wait for lightning to strike.
You don't have to wait for inspiration to hit you.
You don't have to have an idea already in your head before you start.
Typically, that isn't where it is. Because resistance plays for keeps. It will stop at nothing to kill your desire to advance to a higher calling. You have to stop it in its tracks.
You do this by unplugging yourself from the grid of self-doubt, denying resistance the fear that it feeds upon, and just sitting down and doing your work, whatever it is, for you, the work that matters.
Then, as you're working, as your hand is moving over that blank music staff without any preconceived notes in your head, as an artist would poise a brush over a blank square of canvas, as a sculptor would poise a chisel over a shapeless block of stone, a mysterious process is triggered.
That thematic idea, and much more, will come to you from above, where creation has its home.
You'll want to experiment further.
More ideas will come, insights will accrete, and some amazing discoveries will be made.
Before you know it, something will be taking shape right before your eyes, something magnificent, a piece you've created with your own hands.
Then the moment comes.
You play it back.
And you realize you've endowed this creation of yours with life.
You realize that you've just created something fine and good and lasting and beautiful, that's more than the sum of its parts.
It's moving.
It moves you and other people, to listen to it, to view it, to experience its effects, to change both you and them for the better.
That means it's alive.
That means it's art.
It has a life of it's own, all because of you.
Then, the people around you shall have their proof.
And so shall everyone else.