Mar. 22, 2016

Your Distinction

Whatever makes anything unlike something else decides its value [ See blog, Difference ].
Maybe you don't have feathers. Maybe you don't fly. Maybe you're not as swift as they are.
Maybe your range is smaller and you don't travel as far.
Maybe you're not as visible therefore and don't attract attention like they do.
They seem to have all the highest perches occupied. too.
But guess what.
You can do, and have done, some things they can't ... things at times they wish they could do.
Some of the things they must do all the time, you don't have to do at all, and never did.
And the discoveries you've made along YOUR journey, the successes YOU'VE enjoyed, and the pleasure and power of creating what YOU have, they have no experience with, and never will.
That difference of yours, your distinction, what makes you unlike them, separates you from them, sets you apart, solves some particular problem, makes you valuable, and decides who's going to pursue YOU.