Mar. 24, 2016

Layering Sheets Of Paper

We have to develop a mission.
Learning is like sheets of paper, thousands of them, and they layer.
Knowledge is layering sheets of paper. It's not like placing your foot on the bottom rung of a ladder and then placing your other foot 2/3 of the way up on something new.
Learning something new is like one sheet of paper.
The thing with the piano ... learning something about developing your finger strength, for example ... is one more sheet of paper, you're back down to the bottom of the stack again, it's going to be a new adventure, but it's going all the way back to getting things where they're familiar, and going on from there.
Learning something about sight reading is another sheet of paper, so is the learning of something about harmony, so is the learning of something about organ stops and their registration, etc.
It won't be long before that stack of paper will reach from the floor of the building to the ceiling.