Mar. 26, 2016

This Man

According to Ray Downing and his team of researchers, this is the face of the Man in the Shroud of Turin.
This Man, before He died, suffered a tremendous beating with an instrument shaped like a Roman flagellum, had deep puncture marks in His scalp, bled severely, was made to carry a cross beam, and was crucified.
He was nailed through both wrists.
A third nail was driven through both His feet with them stacked, the right foot on top of the left.
He also bled from a deep puncture wound in his right rib cage near the heart.
He died in an upright position with His arms outstretched on a 60 degree angle with the horizontal.
His had to be a gruesome, horrendous, agonizing death.
If you could teach yourself to play the tune of just one hymn in memory of this Man -- even if you had to drum it out the best way you could with just one finger of yours -- would you try? ...