Apr. 23, 2016

Silent Movies

Silent movies were never really silent.
There was always something going on ... a piano in the pit, an organ, a little combination, a symphony orchestra ... describing in musical terms what was happening on the screen.
And, that image on the screen, and your reaction to it, was sort of tied together by the music, and it created this sort of happening, and if it wasn't there, you'd miss it.
The music wasn't meant to be obtrusive, you were just supposed to know that it's there, and it added this dimension.
Musical accompaniment for dramatic, fraternal degree work serves precisely the same function.
It adds this dimension, and if it wasn't there, you'd miss it.
All that's required is to match the right musical equipment with the need at hand.
In terms of portability and enhancing and complementing the fraternal ritual, props, and costuming, something like a Roland RD800 stage piano with keyboard amps [ See menu bar, Photo Album 2 ] will prove itself up to the task, even outperform itself.