Apr. 26, 2016

The Lizard Brain, Part V

(con't from Part IV)
The fear of not being good enough.
The unwarranted fear of failure that will eventually hold back an individual so strongly that they will refuse to do anything on which they cannot assure their success.
As author Steven Pressfield describes it, it's "resistance" at its worst [See blog, The Book}.
As author Seth Godin describes it, it's a complete succumbing to the voice of the lizard originating in "the lizard brain" [See blog, The Lizard Brain, Parts I-VIII].
The peril the person senses with it isn't really real.
It's in their mind, and in their brain, a fear faucet running wide open at full blast (photo).
This fear, this uneasiness, this voice, this resistance, on a smaller scale, is the single greatest reason that there are not enough volunteers willing to come forward and play the organ for our fraternal organizations and worship centers ... this voice, when it has our ear, is the father of indifference, and indifference, not hatred, is the opposite of love.
Read that again.
Once we understand where this natural force comes from and that we're all subject to it, that the faucet leaks all the time, and that where there is great fear there is also great love, we can begin to understand that our job is to quiet this fear, to turn the faucet all the way to the right, to ignore the slow leak, to acknowledge its function, and to use it to guide and direct us, like the magnetic needle of a compass, to doing the opposite of what our fear is telling us to do ... to do the work that matters, that work which makes our soul grow and which, for us, will be the right thing [See blog, Scarecrow].
(con't in Part VI)