May. 4, 2016

Musical Frisson

Imagine being seated at the console of the IV/53 Kimball organ of 143 stops at the Saint Louis Scottish Rite Cathedral (See menu bar, Photos 3], an instrument rendered entirely flexible and expressive including its Pedal division with its magnificent, earth moving 32-foot Contra Bombarde stop, drawing a big combination, performing something on it at full tilt that you yourself composed, gradually pressing the master swell shoe to the floor, and then experiencing the thrill of this tremendous wall of sound growing and bursting through like a tidal wave in all its guts, fire, and fury from the elevated chamber facing you, from 60 feet above the floor or the auditorium, and from 170 feet away on the other end.
It's enough to make the hair on your arm stand straight up.
The chills you feel when you're performing music like this on an instrument like this ... or when you listen to a favorite performer, instrument, band, orchestra ... is called musical frisson (pronounced "free-SOHN'").