May. 4, 2016

The Lizard Brain, Part VI

(con't from Part V)
The fear of inadequacy sounds exactly like what Moses (photo) asked God at the burning bush: "Who am I to think that I might achieve this thing? ..."
It comes from a place of humility, which is normally a good thing, but it's also self-deprecating and destructive, as God made clear to Moses with His answer.
Let's say, despite our fears, we've kept our eye on reaching out to others through that special medium of ours and using it to help them breathe easier, lift their spirits, and do the work that matters.
We know we're in a position to use that medium to make a difference to the people around us, right where we are, but the fear of unworthiness is telling us every hour of the day to play it safe, to be cautious, to compromise, to hang back.
That little voice in the back of our head will have us wondering if we have what it takes.
It had Moses wondering.
The difference is, he acknowledged the function of this little voice inside him and, inspired by God's voice, he did the opposite of what the lizard voice was telling him to do, which, for him, was the work that mattered, the right thing to do [See blog, Scarecrow].
And so should we.
(con't in Part VII)