May. 15, 2016

Expander Modules, Part II

(con't from Part I)
If you happen to have an electronic organ in your residence, and you wish it had some exciting theatre organ ranks, or perhaps more of them, so you can really study and learn how to play in this style, but you love the instrument you have and don't want to sell, trade, or otherwise part with it, and you don't have room for 2 separate organs in the house, this has always been a perplexing problem with no real solution.
Until now.
It's now possible to add 24 exciting theatre organ ranks on 3 manuals and pedal, plus all the bells, whistles, fun voices, and tuned percussions, to ANY existing electronic organ by means of the Duet II Virtual Theatre Pipe Organ sound module, from MIDI Concepts, LLC.
This item is relatively new to the market and very probably the most cost effective theatre organ product that can be purchased today.
It was developed and produced in limited quantities in the USA by former Conn Organ development engineers and artists.
It provides complete resources for 3 manuals and 32 pedals ... or 2 manuals ... or for just a single keyboard with headphones where it can serve as a great "start up" unit.
The control panel allows you to register and save the module's 208 voices and couplers to the pistons through a proprietary Divisional/Select system.
Some of its features include 24 independent ranks, 32 foot through 1 foot, plus an alternate 2nd Vox Humana and an alternate 3rd Tibia rank, Second Touch voices for compatible instruments, 11 tuned percussion voices including a xylophone, grand piano, and tuned sleigh bells, traps, toys, 10 memory banks of 10 general registerable memory pistons with LED indicators (it comes programmed with 70 ready to use theatre ensemble settings), 5 Great to Solo Blackpool couplers, and all the traditional theatre couplers.
It also has an adjustable Reverb/Ambience control on the front panel where you can set the room size and its acoustical "bounce" depending on what you'd like for the moment.
There are 3 ways to use or mount this Duet panel: 1) it fits safely over the music desk on the rack and works surprisingly well even with sheet music in place, as the piston buttons are always accessible (as a variation, a rack extender might be obtained so both the Duet and music can sit side by side), 2) the panel can be mounted under the organ knee panel where it can be extended or retracted as desired, like a drawer (the piston buttons would still be accessible with the drawer closed), and 3) it can be mounted using a side stand to the left or right side of the instrument.