May. 31, 2016

An Anointed Ministry, Part I

For an organist, music making is part of how you evangelize.
God does not respond to pain; He doesn't respond to tears; He doesn't respond to trouble, in and of itself; He's never responded to heartache; He only responds to faith.
Faith (trust, belief, confidence, in God) is what moves His hand.
Faith comes by what? ... hearing [Rom. 10:17].
Something a person hears causes their faith to rise.
And hearing comes by what? ... the Word of God [Rom. 10:17].
Think about what this means ...
We may be learning organ playing as a hobbyist or simply because we have an interest in the subject; but when we learn to play a scripture based hymn or anthem (i.e., one with scripture based words or words that reflect the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God) we might think we're doing it as an exercise simply to develop our playing skills, and that's all; but when someone else hears it, and they're not within the 4 walls of their place of worship when this happens, and they happen to know the words, it's as if God is speaking to them through the hymn or anthem itself.
And it causes their faith to rise.
It lifts their minds to thoughts of God and higher things.
It isn't simply a hobby therefore, or an exercise of some academic musical interest, when we play this type of hymn or anthem within earshot of someone else outside of a place of worship; it's a specialized, anointed ministry which the Spirit beckons us to serve with our time, our talents, our whole heart and mind, and every resource we have.
And when we sit down to play that work, we're not playing for ourselves; we're not playing merely for the audience; we're playing for the Supreme High Priest of heaven and earth, the Giver of all good gifts and graces; our playing is in fact a demonstration of our faith, respecting our Creator for the favor of Divine Providence, and therefore, according to the Law of Respect, it attracts God TO us [See blog, Respect].
We can therefore know that God is attracted and is close to us, each and every time we sit on the bench and play or practice that type of hymn or anthem; He's there, right on the bench with us.
And HE'S the only critic we have.
(con't in Part II)