Jul. 3, 2016

Short Solo Manual

Certain 3- manual theatre pipe organs, notably the Wurlitzer Style 35 (photo) of 13 ranks, and the slightly larger Style 6 of 15 ranks, were constructed with an undersized Solo (top) manual.
This short Solo manual had a compass of only 3 octaves (tenor C to c3, 37 notes), and its stop tablets were situated near the center of the curved bolster of stop tablets between those of the Great and Accompaniment.
This is an extremely rare species of theatre pipe organ supplied with 2 & 3/5ths manuals; Wurlitzer produced theatre pipe organs in a great many styles, and its production exceeded that of any other manufacturer, but only 2 of the Style 6, and only 6 of the Style 35 Wurlitzers, were ever built.