Jul. 17, 2016

Initiative, Part II

(con't from Part I)
Wondering what to do next? ... Is your mind blank? ... You don't have a clue? ...
Got nothing in your head right now but a giant question mark? ...
That can be a good start.
When you sit at the table and don't know what to write, or you sit at the bench and don't know how to begin your improvisation, just stay put and keep that question mark in your head.
Don't erase that question mark from your mind and get up and leave; use it as a template (photo).
Start tweaking it from your imagination, in little bits at a time.
Take a close look at it; tweak the bottom of it a little bit; now fill in one side; now put something inside it -- a little of this, a little of that, a little of this ...
You don't have to know exactly where you're going with it right now, just do it.
Put a little energy into it, while you're at it.
All of a sudden, something will start glowing.
An idea will appear.
Let your idea with its incandescent potential grow out of that question mark which begins in your mind.