Mar. 25, 2017

Musical Landscapes

The late and enormously gifted artist Bob Ross (photo), whose fascinating show The Joy of Painting on public television demonstrates step by step, in little bits at a time, how to construct an original oil painting of a wonderful, imaginary landscape.
His landscapes (photo) were all oil on canvas but uncanny in their realism, suggestive more of outdoor photographs than something hand painted.
In a similar way, this web site demonstrates, step by step and in little bits at a time, how one can construct an original organ composition, how to tapp into the source for where the ideas for these musical "landscapes" will come from, and how to overcome the fear of trying [See menu bar, Free Stuff ... See blog/archive, Getting Started With Writing, Parts I-XXIV].
Once in a great while in this life we'll manage to come across an unusually kind, generous, patient, loving, almost angelic and serene human being who, by merely knowing them through the medium of television or some other electronic means, would be enough to illuminate an existence.
Bob Ross was such a human being.
He was both a gentleman and a truly gentle man, and he would always say, in reference to and while teaching painting, "We don't make mistakes. We just make happy little accidents."
This observation of his works in many other applications, and it's precisely how it is, when we're learning how to improvise at or compose for the organ [See blog, Improvisation, Part V].
When we're improvising or composing, at times, rarely, we have these same happy little accidents, and we simply either "paint over it" or maybe even repeat it somewhere else on our "musical canvas."
He also said, "The secret to doing anything is believing you can do it. Anything that you believe you can do strong enough, you can do. Anything. As long as you believe."
He would also be among the first to be saying to us, "Find your own voice in the organ universe, discover how you're unique among thousands of other voices, then follow that."
Thank you Bob Ross, for sharing your wisdom and phenomenal artistic talent with us and with the entire rest of the world.