Jun. 12, 2017

Being Missed

If, God forbid, any of us ever have a prolonged sick spell, hospitalization, major surgery, etc., and have to miss an important meeting as one of the musicians, we sometimes think we won't be missed very much.
We get to thinking our playing isn't making much of an impact on the people around us.
In this, we'd be gravely mistaken.
People do miss us when we're absent, when we can't donate our time and talents this time for the general good, which in the past has made its own material contribution to the success of the event.
This poster (photo) was signed by my friends and fraternal brethren during my recuperation from two complex abdominal surgeries which had me gravely ill for months and prevented me from attending an annual meeting where I've assisted many times in the past with providing the musical accompaniment.
And when such a kind gesture like this is made because our friends are thinking of us and wishing us well, it's very moving.
It's a fact that our music making has an impact on others, big time, whether we think it does or not.
And if we musicians think we won't be missed very much if we can't show up, it's time to think again.