Jun. 15, 2017

Pulling A Boat

Let's say you're well grounded enough in music theory, have already created some smaller pieces for the organ, and now, the idea of writing a larger, paired work or maybe even a multi-movement work (symphony or suite of pieces) for this instrument is beckoning you.
But you feel really intimidated; the idea of such a huge undertaking that will take hundreds of hours for someone to get it to jar with their artistic vision has you wondering what you could be thinking, but you're not crazy for running the idea through your mind.
And you're not crazier for breaking ground to get yourself there.
You just need to have a good road map (outline) in mind and be brave [See blog, Maze], like the driver of this truck (photo).
Every man (or woman) should pull a boat over a mountain once in their life.
Don't be afraid to get started today.
It all begins with one melodic line on one staff.