Aug. 1, 2017

Free Stuff, Part I

There are many opportunities to enjoy the world around us and to appreciate what is here, often for very little, if any, cost.
This seems to register so poorly with so many people that the creative artist interested in circulating his/her work pro bono (i.e., without cost) is often faced with the reality that they can sell their work, but they can't give it away.
The music we already know represents the smallest sliver of what's out there from which we and others might benefit; this is graphically displayed by the green slice of the pie (photo).
All of the remainder of what we know of and would like to learn but haven't studied yet is represented by the blue slice.
But the vast majority of what's out there is unbeknownst to us and still remains for us to discover; this is represented by the yellow slice.
When any of this new material is offered to us without charge or for nominal cost, we should take advantage of the opportunity and not downplay its value.
All of that free stuff will be found baked into the largest (yellow) slice of the pie ... and THAT'S the part, in every pie, where most of the goody is.
(con't in Part II)