Feb. 14, 2018

Free Stuff, Part II

(con't from Part I)
People tend to believe in the widespread premise that something, anything, with unique design, proportion, symmetry, and beauty has to be bought and sold to be of any real value.
That isn't always where it is.
Something like this that enriches our lives could come our way at times completely free of charge -- sometimes from where, when, and from whom we least expect it.
A lone outpost situated in a different place from all the other well marked scenic views also can provide us with a view that greatly impresses our esthetic sense, awaiting only our recognition of it (photo).
We appreciate the value of a work of art not merely by examining its price tag or how freely it's offered to us but by simply taking a moment to notice it, think about its qualities, discover its characteristics, and contemplate during that same moment the creativity involved in bringing it into existence ... that this comes only from a higher plane above and beyond this material sphere in which we currently move and work every day ... from a realm beyond this one where creation has its home [See blog, Recognition, When We Have Art].