Mar. 19, 2018


Divers know that pearls never float and must be gathered from the bottom of the sea [See blog, Pearl Diving].
Miners also know that valuable materials underground must be gathered by digging deeply to find them.
By visiting this part of this web site, right now, the visitor has unearthed a shaft (photo) wherein lies a treasure trove of valuable information, instruction, and encouragement just waiting to be mined from the depths of the blog/archive.
Like multiple veins of usable mineral ore, this may be harvested for any number of applications, and, for the ambitious miner, this extraction process will yield its own rewards.
The difference is, here it's not necessary to tunnel far into the earth to find it; a single scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page and a "click" of a mouse button on the word "Overview" will lead someone to everything the mine contains.