Sep. 23, 2021

Organ Pedal Booster

The concept of the Organ Pedal Booster (photo) was developed in 2016 by Nora Hess and Dr. Don Cook to allow very young children to play the pedals on the organ.
The strategy behind it is to make it practical for children to begin learning music at the organ from the very beginning (note reading, technique, improvisation, easy organ pieces and hymns, etc.).
It hovers above a standard AGO pedalboard bringing the keys over 6 inches closer to young feet.
Its weight is suspended by 2 outer supports that rest on the floor, enabling the Booster's 28 keys to gently depress the host pedal keys with felt-tipped dowels.
Spring tension for each key is still controlled by the host pedalboard as the Booster keys rest lightly on top.
The entire Booster pedalboard adjusts up and down, and each dowel is also adjustable.
This unit has a red oak frame in an oak finish with hard maple naturals and solid wood sharps.
Since 2017 the Brigham Young University Organ Department has been using this unit with positive results.
This unit is available for purchase through Ard Publications.