Nov. 26, 2021

Composer Lifecycle

This loop (photo) has circulated lately on social media, and, while it may ring true among those music writers whose attention is solely riveted on creating a hit, it does not reflect what actually happens among all who create new music.
Despite the humor implied, writing music is not the endless merry-go-round implied by this image although among some practitioners of the creative arts, based on past experience, feel like they can sympathize with it.
The urge to compose is really not a circle-back phenomenon; it is a one-way linear movement forward to keep creating, no matter what, as long as our physical health will permit it.
The hope of how a created work at its premiere might be received by a public either keenly receptive to it or apathetic and indifferent really has little if anything to do with the impulse to keep producing.
While many composers create in spurts and may quit for a time before resuming their writing, being in a depressed frame of mind over the outcome of the release of an individual work or group of works isn't where it is.
It doesn't, or shouldn't, matter to creative artists if the reality of the moment happens to line up with their expectations or not -- they just keep right on working and producing.