Jan. 5, 2022

Hearing Protection

A WORD TO THE WISE: when a big reed such as this bad-boy pedal stop (photo) is supplied, it speaks on high pressure wind, and you're in the chamber with it -- either trying to find a ciphered pipe or perhaps while the tuner-helper has the stop drawn at the console and is holding down a key (especially if it's the 32-foot Bombarde and the low C pedal is being held down) it's Armageddon; all the while your eyeballs are rattling in their sockets that tuner-helper won't hear you in there yelling at the top of your lungs to let go.
Injury to our sense of hearing caused by exposure to blasting sounds like this is insidious; the harm inflicted can be painful but can also happen in the absence of pain, very serious hearing impairment can result, and, sadly, once the damage is done it's too late to prevent it.
ALWAYS... if there's a chance of exposing your precious sense of hearing to high decibel (dB) levels while you're in the pipe chamber ... WEAR EAR PROTECTION.
Play it smart; carry ear plugs with you and learn the proper way to use them, or, better yet, wear shooting range protection (ear muffs) that reduce noise levels reaching the eardrums by at least 25 dB, and carry these things with you, just in case.