Photos 2: Homage to Louis Vierne

Homage to Mssr. Louis Vierne, organiste-titulaire 1900-1937 de Notre-Dame de Paris ... inspired composer and performer, beloved teacher, improvisor of genius, dear friend, and mentor in absentia to many, even to this day.  Cool

Students came from all over the world to study with him.

A sample of his masterful symphonic writing for the organ is posted on this blog [See menu bar, Videos 1 subpage, Vierne Allegro Sym 2].

Dr. Monrotus dedicated his own Prelude Internationale Op. 5 to his memory and actually worked this music in the 6 part form that Vierne taught to his students for improvisation on a free theme [See menu bar, Free Stuff subpage, 2 Staff Op. 1-9 ... and blog/archive, Learning By Example].  In his other compositions as well, he sometimes uses the same methods that Vierne used.

Dr. Monrotus takes an unusual interest in Vierne, his methods of composing, and his manner of teaching his students, for good and sufficient reasons which are sure to interest all who aspire to play this instrument [See menu bar, Bio subpage, A Case Study].