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Thanks so much for stopping by, and please accept any of these scores, they're available here in 4 separate collections as an unusual free download for your own personal use.  Cool

Just too good to be true?  No.  Not this time.  For now, they're yours, free of charge.

These scores may be studied with advantage by comparing them with their descriptions posted on the blog/archive, all of which are PDFs which may be printed front and back, thus conserving paper.

Hard copies of these pieces or entire collections printed from this web site may be taken to a graphics/printing company and bound with a plastic coil or comb binding with laminated front and back covers for reasonable cost (photo).  A title page, contents page, and suggestions for performance also has been assembled for each collection.  This creates a quality booklet of handy sheet music for the organist which will lay flat on the rack and last for many years to come.

NOTE:  These compositions are protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America.  Until such time as these scores are assigned to a publisher and copyright is assigned to that publisher, the composer/author (copyright owner) grants permission to any individual to download, print, photocopy, distribute, or have bound any or all of the scores posted on this web site for their own personal use, for instruction, for liturgical or fraternal purposes, or for general public performance, whether for profit or otherwise.  The changing, altering, revision, or publishing and selling for profit of any of these scores by any individual, editor, or business, without the express written permission of the composer/author (copyright owner), is prohibited and constitutes an infringement of copyright law.


NOTE:  The scores for the C Major Op. 4 Variations on a cantus firmus, the Bb Major Op. 5 Prelude Internationale, the E Major Op. 17 Communion, and the F Major Op. 19 Toccata and Fugue have been taken down pending possible publication. 


Please take advantage of this web site & material

Organists are always looking for new music of sturdy build ... writing of the same type that these scores exemplify.  Besides being written so that the stretch for the hands is an octave or less, this is the kind of useful music that's expected to make a lasting contribution to the organ repertoire, thus not the type that's likely to disappear after a few years and be replaced by something more up to date.

This can be stated because this music, if not heaven-storming, is the work of a composer who fought his way through to the highest and most complete mastery of his material, thus contributing to the preservation and transmission of the art of organ composition.

These pieces, which were inspired by the sound of the instrument in this photo [See menu bar, Photos 3], are pitched at every level from beginner to intermediate to advanced, they're an instruction manual of examples that will come in handy in many situations, and organ scholars will find enjoyment in them.  General piston combos programmed by this author when performing on this instrument are being drawn up also and shall be posted soon [See menu bar, Free Stuff, Combinations].

Why not check it out. Cool