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This composer's music may be studied with greater advantage by comparing each score with its descriptions posted on the blog/archive.

Individual scores of his may be previewed, played back, and digital downloads may be obtained, if desired, for very nominal cost, by going online to this link:

Separate cover pages, tables of contents, and suggestions for performance have been made available on this page for free download.



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Organists generally are appreciative of finding useful new music of sturdy build.  Besides being written so that the stretch for the hands is an octave or less, this is the kind of material that's expected to make a lasting contribution to the organ repertoire and not likely to disappear after a few years only to be replaced by something more up to date.

This music is the work of a composer who fought his way through to the highest and most complete mastery of his material, thus contributing to the preservation and transmission of the art of organ composition.  What is isn't, is boring.  What it doesn't do, is confuse and drive the general listener "nuts" with dissonances as some new music is prone to do.  What it will never do, is fail to make sense to the listener's mind and ear.

These pieces are pitched at every level, they're an instruction manual of examples that will come in handy in many situations, and organ scholars will find enjoyment in them. Cool