Recessional in D Major Op. 2 (from Ten Pieces for the Organ 2 Staff, Op. 1-9) by Dr. Steven Monrotus, dedicated to and performed by Dr. Vidas Pinkevicius at Vilnius University St. John's Church in Vilnius, Lithuania, a worship center which has the largest pipe organ in LIthuania with 3,500 pipes, one of the most beautiful mechanical action instruments in Europe speaking into one of the finest acoustics in the world with 5 seconds of reverberation.  Cool

This piece is worked homophonically in "keyboard style" without observing the limits of voice ranges, and it's not difficult to learn or to play.  It has no pedal part.  It would be unusual to find another recessional score in compound (3/4) time under 3 minutes in length that's this easy to learn and this effective.

Organists will note the powerful, pervading bass in this work which came about from using 2 hands on the main manual only, without employing the Pedal stops.

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Dr. Pinkevicius, the dedicatee of this work, is one of the finest performers in the world, a thoughtful and inspired improvisor, and a phenomental teacher and composer of organ music in his own right, and we thank him for recording this piece and posting it on Youtube for public viewing.

Dr. Pinkevicius is also the webmaster of his own Secrets of Organ ] blog, has written hundreds of articles on organ playing, and was instrumental (no pun intended) in providing critical guidance, mentoring, and encouragement leading to the launching of Organ Bench [ ] as a web site and the composition of every score posted here.