The legendary theatre organist Don Baker performing I Love A Parade, Two Guitars, and Liza, three selections recorded in the mid-1930's at the old Paramount studio IV/21 Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ.

Don held the position of house organist at the IV/36 "Mother Wurlitzer" theatre pipe organ of the New York Paramount Theatre for an unprecedented 14 years, from 1935 to 1948.  He was known for an exciting technique and dramatic and extended song arrangements which are evident in this recording.

The webmaster of this web site knew Don Baker personally and made an intensive study of Don's arrangements during his teen years.  Composed in 2015, his Variations on a cantus firmus Op. 4 from Ten Pieces for Organ Op. 1-9 is dedicated to the memory of Don Baker.  

We offer our sincerest thanks to Virtual Radiogram for posting this original audio recording for public listening on YouTube.