This is the historic Church of the Gesu on the campus of Marquette University in Milwaukee, a building designated as a State landmark where the largest pipe organ in Wisconsin sounds in all its glory in a splendid acoustical setting.  This recording was made in 1992 on the Kimball/Kilgen pipe organ there by John Weissrock, then principal organist.  Dr. Monrotus studied the organ privately there with him during 1999-2002 at the time that this instrument was undergoing a gradual rebuild by the Schantz Company.  John is one of those remarkable organists completely without artifice, a great artist, and a powerhouse of technique with an exquisite sense of rhythm.

The console today is new and remains a 4 manual, expanded by Schantz to 115 ranks.  The listener will note the highly effective accents introduced into this interpretation of this work and the strategic adding of a glorious 32-foot Contra Bombarde stop in the Pedal near the end with every part kept clearly audible throughout, always with concern for how the listener hears it.

We thank my teacher very much for making this fine recording and overseeing its posting for public viewing.