Church of the Gesu on the campus of Marquette University in Milwaukee, a historic State landmark where the largest pipe organ in Wisconsin sounds in all its glory in a splendid acoustical setting.  Cool

This recording was made in 1992 on the old Kimball/Kilgen pipe organ there by John Weissrock, principal organist at the time.  Mr. Weissrock is a world class performer, a great grandson of Louis Vierne, tutorially, who plays in a wonderful French style, was the first and youngest ever to win the National Organ Playing competition held in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and whose playing, to this day, remains legendary in the Milwaukee area.

Dr. Monrotus studied the organ privately there with him during 1999-2002 at the time that this instrument was undergoing a gradual rebuild by the Schantz Company (the console today is new and remains a 4 manual, expanded by Schantz to 115 ranks).  We thank this gifted performer very much for making this outstanding recording and for overseeing that it was posted for public viewing.

In recognition of a life devoted to the art of organ playing, organ building, his beautifully kind teaching, and to the many things he learned while studying with him, Dr. Monrotus dedicated his Choral and Fugue in D Major Op. 18 to his dear friend and teacher, John Weissrock [See menu bar, Free Stuff ... and blog/archive, Getting Started With Writing, Parts XIV, XV].

Music like this stirs something in an organist that's hard to put into words.  On one occasion, as his teacher finished performing the final section of this work for him on this same instrument at full tilt, with those big reeds in all their power and glory, this author told him, "I don't know if you know what you're doing to me, when you play that."  His teacher simply smiled, nodded a bit, and with reflection calmly said, "I think I do."  He felt it, too.