In this video acclaimed organist and recording artist Hannes Kaestner performs on the renovated "original" Schuke-Orgel in the Thomaskirche, Leipzig, the city where Bach spent the last 27 years of his life and made his music sound against those same walls.

This recording is about as close as it gets to hearing the composer himself performing this work in his own church, and we offer Mr. Kaestner our sincerest thanks for making this recording and posting it on YouTube for public viewing.

Up until the time of its appearance no music this bold and powerful had ever appeared before in the organ world.  This praeludium is the work a young genius heavily influenced by the multi-sectional north German organ toccata style ("stylus phantasticus") and whose independent mastery is evident.  Although definite proof is lacking, internal evidences suggest that it originated as an improvisation used to test an organ some time during Bach's Arnstadt years (1703-1707) which was later committed to paper [See blog, Bach d minor, Parts I-V].