"A natural melody," said the late Dr. Virgil Fox, "is what you will sing ... when you're walking down the street ... by yourself ... when the sun in shining.  This one [Londenderry Air] is one of the sweetest of all."

Indeed it is.  This arrangement by J. Stuart Archer of this traditional melody was artistically interpreted by Dr. Fox on the magnificent Aeolian Skinner organ of Riverside Church in New York City.  The recording demonstrates, among other things, not only Archer's masterful arrangement of this traditional melody but also the kaleidoscopic sound possibilities inherent in a programmable crescendo shoe on a very large instrument.

Listen to it all the way through.  It will move you and thrill you.  And if happen to have a son named Daniel -- be prepared to cry.  Cool

We sincerely thank the producers for digitally re-mastering this recording from the original session tapes and posting it for public viewing on YouTube.