This is acclaimed organist Jonathan Scott performing the Toccata from the Fifth Symphony for Organ by Charles-Marie Widor on the historic Cavaille-Coll organ of Manchester Town Hall, an absolutely brilliant performance as close to a gold-standard as it gets.

Clocking in at 6:07 minutes, this music does not sound rushed.  One will note the accents, the manner in which the arpeggios are articulated, the nuances in tempo, the pull-outs when something else starts, the diminuendos observed (as Widor intended), the skillful use of registration and combination action to effect the same (without and without manual changes), the crossing of hands using only one manual for improved visibility, and the holding of the final pedal note to give the longest pipes time to get on speech -- all combining to bring out all the majestic powers at work on the page. 

We offer Mr. Scott our compliments and sincerest thanks for recording and posting this masterful video on YouTube for public viewing.