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The 19th century composer/pianist/organist Camille Saint-Seans, who was known during his lifetime as the "French Beethoven," is credited with saying: "The fugue is the ideal form for the postlude; as the voices enter, the people leave; when all the voices have entered, all the people have left."

With that astute observation in mind this big four-voice fugue in the key of d minor dedicated to the memory of Reverend Kevin Weaver has been entitled, simply, "Postlude."

This piece is written in quadruple counterpoint with three countersubjects maintained throughout and forms the fifth of "Six Pieces for Organ," a collection of music composed in 2016-2017.

This musical score complete with fingering, hand division, and pedalling indications is being offered as a FREE SOUVENIR for visiting this web site.  It has never been performed for the public before and is expected to receive its premiere in this soon-to-come video.