The audio portion of this slide show is a computer generated recording of Toccata & Fugue in F Major Op. 19, No. 1 from Seven Pieces for Organ Op. 18-23 by Steven Monrotus.

Dedicated to theatre organist Dale Zieger, this work is a fiery French Romantic organ toccata in crescendo style paired with a related 4-voice Fugue having two countersubjects and written in triple counterpoint.

The score is FREE.


The Toccata has two themes, the first of which appears in the pedals and is lifted from the new Christian hymn of praise "Come, King of Kings" Op. 19, No. 2.  The Fugue's subject, 1st countersubject, and their inversions are also derived from this same hymn tune.  The hymn may be previewed using this link:

Slide Show 15

This audio clip being computer generated merely provides an idea of what this music might sound like on the real McCoy.

This work also has been posted on YouTube at this external link: