The audio portion of this slide show is a computer generated recording of Fugue a la gigue in D Major Op. 6 from Ten Pieces for Organ Op. 1-9 by Steven Monrotus.

Dedicated to the memory of pianist/educator Bill Hulub, this fast-moving, brisk 4-voice dance Fugue for hands only, playable on a piano, has 2 countersubjects and is written in triple counterpoint.

The subject for this Fugue was derived by rhythmic transformation (same pitches in order, different note values) of the cantus firmus from the Op. 4 Variations.

This piece answers the challenge of writing a "Jig" fugue in 4 independent voice lines for hands only upon a subject having a large upward leap of a major 6th in its melodic outline.

The score is FREE.


This recording was made on a Roland RD800 stage piano.  For a description of this instrument, please use this link:

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This work also has been posted on YouTube at this external link: