This audio portion of this slide show is a computer generated realization of the original Christian hymn Darkness Hath No Bounds Op. 32, text and music by Steven Monrotus.

This hymn is thematically related to the much larger Toccata and Fugue in F Major for Organ Op. 19 which may be previewed using this link:

Slide Show 5

After the 4-voice Fugue with 2 countersubjects for this work in F Major had been written, the Fugue's subject, 1st countersubject, and their inversions then were used to produce a hymn-like tune.  A big French Romantic Toccata with two themes was then constructed to pair with this Fugue, the first theme of which was this same hymn-like tune.

  That same tune was then reworked as a Christian hymn of praise having a score with 2 variants, one at a "mezzo-forte" dynamic and quicker tempo for congregational singing and one at a "piano" dynamic for quiet playing.  The audio clip is of the latter variant, is computer generated, and merely gives an idea of what this would sound like on the real McCoy.

To preview, playback, or download the score, please use this link: