This video made in December 2020 shows Dr. Steven Ball at the console of the Kimball Masonic organ of the Saint Louis Scottish Rite Cathedral playing an Improvisation on the annual Christmas carol favorite, Deck the Halls.

The contract to build this historic organ was signed on December 28, 1923.  Construction began in Chicago at the W.W. Kimball factory in February, 1924, it took 8 months to build, was delivered and installed in October, 1924, and was inaugurated that same month by its tonal designer Dr. Charles Courboin.  The organ has 3,863 pipes spread across 53 ranks in 9 divisions.  The entire instrument of 144 speaking stops was made truly musical by being enclosed behind 128 swell shades which render it fully expressive from top to bottom, a Kimball standard.

This vast machine, as one can tell from this masterfully done recording, has a full ensemble on the dark side which is nonetheless full of majestic power that one never gets tired of hearing.  The organist has command here of an awful lot of organ.  The Kimball Company built quality into their instruments that put them right up at the top with the finest builders from that time.

We offer Mr. Brent Johnson of Organ Media Foundation and Dr. Ball our sincerest thanks for recording this inspiring video of this precious, national treasure of a pipe organ and posting it on YouTube for public viewing.