Eight Pieces for Organ - FREE

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Praeludium, Chorale, and Fugue in d minor for Organ Op. 10

This spacious tripartite work built around a single melodic motif incorporates the melodic signature of JSB in each part and closes with a big 4-voice Fugue in quadruple counterpoint, yours to keep.

Prelude and Fugue in c minor for Organ Op. 11

This energetic Prelude with one theme developed in continuous expansion form is paired with a bold, related double Fugue written in quadruple counterpoint, yours to keep.

Pastorale in Ab Major for Organ Op. 12

This multi-sectional lyrical work in 4-voices is built upon 2 contrasting themes developed using a variety of canonic imitations at the octave, yours to keep.

Fugue a la gigue in A Major for Organ Op. 13

This brisk 4-voice dance Fugue and universal crowd pleaser inspired by Bach's "Jig" Fugue BWV 577 is written with 2 countersubjects in triple counterpoint, yours to keep.

Trio in Eb Major for Organ Op. 14

This animated study in S-T-B texture never having more than 3 notes sounding simultaneously teaches the entire instrument, yours to keep.

Lied in B Major for Organ Op. 15

This tender cradle song (pronounced "leed" in German) in 3-part form is a quiet lullaby having a central trio section, yours to keep.

Canon in Bb Major for Organ Op. 16

This study consists of 4 short 3-voice canons in S-T-B texture joined together, yours to keep.

Communion in E Major for Organ Op. 17

This quiet communion song is in 3-part form with repeat bars to make timing flexible when performed, yours to keep.

EIGHT PIECES Suggestions for Performance

Free and helpful information about the Eight Pieces for Organ Op. 10-17 and how to perform them.