Photos 1: Bach Album

The organ works of Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) still form the kernel of the standard organ repertoire even to this day.  In the world of music everything in the remote past merely led up to him, and today everything leads back to him.  His sheer mastery of the techniques of composition have never been equalled.

To honor the memory of this enormous man this author composed an extended tripartite work in the spirit of Bach called Praeludium, Chorale, & Fugue in d minor for Organ Op. 10.  This music incorporates the sectional style of Baroque writing in the Praeludium, and the Fugue is written in quadruple counterpoint with 3 countersubjects maintained throughout.  Bach's 4-note melodic signature Bb-A-C-B is deliberately worked into the counterpoint in all 3 sections, and these sections are all constructed upon the same melodic outline which lends a very strong sense of unity to the work.  To preview, playback, or digital download the score, please use this link:

The central section of this piece is available separately as Chorale in d minor for Organ Op. 9.  This excerpt is for 2 hands and playable on a one-manual organ with no pedals, a harmonium, electronic keyboard, or piano.  To preview, playback, or digital download this score, please use these links:  BLUE for Organ, GREEN for Piano.