This well-researched video by Mr. Thomas Little summarizes the life and work of this master organist, inspired composer, ingenious improvisor, sensitive artist, beloved teacher, and giant of a musician Mssr. Louis Vierne, organiste titulaire de Notre-Dame de Paris, 1900-1937.

As long as someone else retains in this world the feeling of beauty, the value of what has been created, and the importance of being influenced by many generations of performers and listeners of works of art, organists will play the music of Louis Vierne.  They will play with the hope of making at least one person better that day, that they might faithfully convince at least one person of the enduring value of human life, thought, and happiness. 

How many lack even a hundredth share of his kindness, optimism, and love, things he learned from his many teachers who were beautifully kind to him, Cesar Franck above all.  This webmaster is living proof that Vierne's beautiful soul, to this day, speaks not only from the pages of his written music but from the heavenly realm according to God's purpose and provision.

History is always relentless and fair.  Today's passers-by from the entrance hall will be forgotten, perhaps even cursed in the seventh generation.  Meanwhile Louis Vierne, like J.S. Bach, Franck, and many other CREATORS, will always remain in people's memories ... with the most kind of words.

We thank Mr. Little for making this fine video and posting it on YouTube for public viewing.

(Adds interrupt the video at times but may be skipped)

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